Visual and Product Designer

Scientific Illustration


Scientific Illustration

Over the years, I have enjoyed helping biologists communicate their research effectively and accurately through illustrations. Examples:


Turtle Skull Reconstruction and Illustration


Left: Turtle skull reconstruction based on broken fossil fragments. This illustration helps with species identification and documentation (Medium: Pencil).

Right: six views of one turtle skull (Medium: Adobe Illustrator)

Client: American Museum of Natural History (2008)


Fitting Fossil Footprint to Reconstructed Skeleton


I reconstructed a fossil skeleton then overlaid it on top of fossil footprints. To ensure accuracy, I used screen digital measurement tools and accounted for errors with statistics. This enabled me and my fellow researcher to deduce the stance and gait of an extinct animal.

Published in Paleontology (2008)


Dinosaur Skull Ontogeny


Digital illustrations comparing the cranial structures of two species of dinosaurs, proposing that one “specie” is actually the juvenile form of the other.

Published in PLoS One (2008)


Bird Wing Morphology


Clients: NASA exhibit at Kennedy Space Center (2013), Berkeley Museum of Zoology (2007)


Turtle Embryo Assay


Illustration for a genetic study that explores the formation of turtle shells. The rest of the study includes slides similar to c, and this illustration clarifies the origin and orientation of these slides.

Published in Evolution & Development (2009)


American Pika Skull Morphology


Digital illustration of American Pika skull for a study that explores the relationship between environment, e.g. elevation, and cranial morphology.